Tuesday, 13 July 2010


When I was a teenager, my grandmother made me a fabulously busy duvet cover with a lifetime's worth of fabric scraps. It got a little frayed in places where the vintage fabric started to come apart, and lived for a long, long time in a box under the bed.

This year my parents celebrate their ruby wedding anniversary, and I'm planning to make them a quilt top. So, I'm deconstructing this quilt cover, and will use some of the fabrics to make the new quilt top. It'll be my first quilting project of any size (nothing like going in at the deep end!).... and - I hope - it will be lovely for my mum and dad to have something old, something new and something blue to help them celebrate their special day. Not sure about the something borrowed part, I'll have to think about that!

Sock Fest

There are quite a lot of socks in my drawer which have - to date - been unblogged. It's time to put this right.
For Christmas my brother and his girlfriend (now sadly an ex girlfriend , sniff, sniff) gave me two balls of sock yarn. To start with I made these fabulously fraternal socks:

Pattern: generic top down

Yarn: Schoppel Wolle Crazy Zauberball

Another pair followed, this time using a grumperina stripe to vary the effect. These became a 40th birthday gift for our friend Sam - her first handknit socks. She put them on immediately, so we think she liked them! Happy Birthday Sam.

Pattern: generic top down

Yarn: Schoppel Wolle Crazy Zauberball

The good news is that there is still enough yarn left from these two balls to make another pair. I'll get onto this once I've finished the second husband sock, a christmas gift which has been repeatedly put to the side to allow for other more urgent birthday knitting to take place! It's next dear (honest).

Monday, 5 July 2010

About this blog...


This blog is all about craft and making in Edinburgh, especially crafting which reclaims, reuses, recycles, repurposes and generally used old stuff to make new stuff. I'm always on the look out for ways to make good use of the things which I dont need any more, or which are no longer fit for their original purpose.

I'm planning to post tutorials, patterns, links and all sorts! And, they're probably be some tales of family life, gardening and work too....